Are you guys reading your newsletters provided by the University of Tartu each Monday? If not, maybe it’s high time to do so (even though the end of the semester is knocking on our doors), because thanks to a friend who read it, I found out about the great opportunity to attend the Google AdCamp. Google AdCamp took place in Riga on May 11th and it brought together students from all over the Baltic region. I was one of the 25 lucky finalists out of several hundred applicants, and got the chance to see some insights behind the scenes at Google and have a fun day in Riga with other enthusiastic, ambitious and hard-working youngsters.

Photo credit: Auguste Tamulyte

At the end of the day, I left Latvia with new connections in my professional network, a unique experience and new knowledge that I want to share with you!

Photo credit: Auguste Tamulyte

Starting with your CV, you should not spare a single minute not trying to make it perfect, there are thousands and thousands of applicants, therefore your CV should stand up and show them a well-rounded person.

-It takes 3 seconds to analyse you CV and decide whether it is worthy to read it or not, so you should keep it up to one page, make it easy to follow and have an aesthetic format (templates are not good in any case if they are going to take up your space).
-You can not afford to have grammar mistakes (I was surprised when I was told that they still receive lots of CVs with typos). The tip was to ask a native speaker to read your CV before submitting it.
-Don’t say what you’ve been doing, say what you’ve done and when you talk about your results then use numbers and give concrete information.
-Google cares about volunteering and they would love to see that in your CV. Giving back to your community is important and you should be ready to talk about it.
-Your GPA is not everything, it is nice to have good grades, but that doesn’t mean that the final decision is based on that.

Photo credit: Auguste Tamulyte

Certifications that you might want to consider:

– Google AdWords Certification/ Google Partners
– Google Analytics Certification
– Google Digital Marketing Course
– Google Digital Garage Certification

Photo credit: Auguste Tamulyte

If you successfully got to the Interview level, then these tips might be useful for you:

-Be confident in your own ability
-Be familiar with your own CV. Nobody can tell better than you why you are the one.
-Take a breath before you give an answer
-Be concise, keep it to the point.
-Use data in your arguments.
-Show enthusiasm, ask questions.
-Use the STAR method.

Handy website:

Photo credit: Auguste Tamulyte

Word of the day – Googliness

Googliness is a mashup of passion and drive that’s hard to define but easy to spot, it is one of the key factors that you need to possess if your dream is to be part of the Google Team.

– Thrives in ambiguity
– Does the right thing
– Values different perspectives


Before applying for an internship or a job, keep in mind that there are lots of materials on the internet, including tutorial videos provided by Google on YouTube, which offer you information and guidelines for all the application stages and how you should present yourself in order to be successful. The most prepared one will be the chosen one, therefore practice, practice and again, practice!

P.S. Don’t feel let down if the application period has already passed, but mark your calendar and prepare your CV.

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