07:30-11:00 “Student breakfast on river”

Location: Sisevete saatkond, Emajõgi

On 27th you will have a blast of opportunities to have fun and feel self-fulfilled. For starters the students are welcomed to begin the festival day with a refreshing breakfast on the river. In addition to the opportunity to breathe in the fresh spring air and make a little swim on the river. Not to forget to mention that the whole 27th of April (24 hours) holds a “Photo competition TARTU SPRING 2017”, where you will be able to capture diplomas and special prizes on your win. More information: http://tfk.tartufoto.ee/est/?page=concurs&sub=1&con=57

16:00-17:00 “Red or Blue wire?”

Location: Näituse 2, room 001

In the late afternoon, you will be able to challenge the nerves of steel and excellent communication skills of your 2-4 member team. Team members have to take different roles, keep cool and overcome numerous physical, mental and verbal obstacles. The best teams will be awarded! Although it is a sitting experience, the participants will definitely feel their heart rushing!

Price: teams with at least one student as a member 20 €, others 26 €. The length of one session is about one hour. You need to register your team via Doodle: http://doodle.com/poll/t8esk32wp9tmpxgm

17:00 “Student Workout”

Location: Estonian University of Life Sciences Fitness Club, Kreutzwaldi 3

Estonian University of Life Sciences Fitness Club offers variety of group trainings. Wonderful trainers offer weight trainings, dance, body and mind trainings. More specific Schedule will be available on http://fitness.emu.ee/avaleht/ . No pre-registration is needed – just come with comfortable clothes, clean training shoes (or even in socks or barefoot) and enjoy!


18:00-19:30 “The secret of a perfect photo”

Location: Jakobi 25, 1st floor

Who doesn’t want to take amazing photos? Family and studio photographer Maris Treufeldt will speak, how to take beautiful and extraordinary photos of your friends and relatives. Maris is a cheerful photographer with years of experience. Everybody is welcome – previous skills are not necessary.

20:00-03:00 “Night Orientation”

Location: Pirogov park

Night orienteering is a fun and sociable event, where you and your team (up to 5 members) have to navigate to certain points in Tartu, answer the questions provided by the organizers and finally get to the finish in time. The participants need no equipment besides a pen and a camera to capture your journey. The start will be given from the Pirogovi Park and will be open from 20:00 to 21:00. The participation fee is 0,50€. The map will be provided by the organizers. The finish is in the pub Zavood and will be closed at 3 a.m. You can take part either on foot or by non-motorized vehicle. PS! Creative approaches like wearing costumes will provide you with extra points.

21:00-04:00 “Dance Marathon”

Location: Tartu Rock Club Heaven

Since the summer is coming you need to get in shape again. As the word ‘marathon’ says, there won’t be any stop before the last dancing person has stopped. Everyone seeking for the victory – we recommend you to stretch your hips and think about your best moves already at home. When you get too tired of the marathon and you give up on competing, then you still don’t have to leave – we will have the coolest bar and wildest dance floor for everyone.

Best dance songs will be chosen by DJ Ziggy M. Since the moves might get way too hot, we only accept participants 18+.

Because we let you to dance until the morning lights, we also have a participation fee – 2 € for contestants and 4 € for everyone else. PS! Dance Marathon is free for the Pub Crawl contestants!


We are International Student Ambassadors of the University of Tartu. Through our experience, you can start planning your studies at the University of Tartu. We hope you enjoy our blog.