It has no doubt that Tartu is one of the best places in Baltic Sea region for students and there are several reasons for that. First reason is that the University of Tartu is in 2% of the best universities in the world and it has a highest educational system. Secondly, Tartu is a very small town, where everything (University buildings, dormitories, libraries, shops, cafes, etc.) are very close and student do not need to spend a lot of time and money to commute. The last reason but not least is that every fifth person in town is a student (more than 20,000 in total), so it is very easy to integrate into society simply because there are people who are the same age and have same interests in life.

In study periods (autumn and spring semesters), the streets are full of students and you really can feel that you are alive, but in the summer time when most of the students go home for holidays or do an exchange, everything changes in Tartu. It gets quieter and quieter and there is almost no active student lifestyle anymore. “During summer, Tartu is a boring city”- they said. 🙂

But now I am not talking about the advantages and drawbacks of lifestyle in Tartu during studying period. In this blog, I want to support all students who are staying in Tartu in summer for different reasons and I am telling you how awesome you can spend summer time here.

Plenty of awesome events are planning in Tartu in this year, included sport activities, music events, movie festivals, educational programs and etc. So there should be entertainments for every interested people. Below I will describe the biggest and the most popular events, which will be held in Tartu.

Fascinating events in June

1. Estonian Aviation Days, 03 – 04 June

The summer starts with extremely crazy days, Estonian aviation days, where aircrafts and helicopters in the outside exposition represent the European and American aviation technique. Estonian Aviation Days – is the largest aviation event in the Baltic countries since 2006. Activities are first of all directed to school pupils, students, conscripts and young families. There are also plenty of attractions offering emotions and discovery – trampolines, parachute jumping, American mountains and piloting simulators, and a 20 meters high jumping trampoline. Also, there will be organized informational lectures, outdoor games and etc. Because of a big variety of activities, there is a lot of discovery delight for everybody!

estonian aviation day

2. Street Art Festival “Stencibility”, 12 – 18 June

The summer continues with the art festival “Stencibility”, where every volunteer is more than welcome. The event gives you the opportunity to show people your talent in drawing. In special places, you can draw, write or create illustrations or you can just watch how professionals create awesome works. The event is well organized every year.

street art festival stencibility

3. World Orienteering Championship 2017, 30 June – 07 July

And at the end of June, WOC 2017 will take place in Tartu. World Orienteering Championships 2017 is the most important event of the orienteering world and Estonian Orienteering Federation is determined to offer the athletes, the teams, the spectators and TV viewers the best possible experience. Lots of people come from neighbor countries to participate in this huge event. Age limit for volunteers is 15 years.

The WOC week starts on June 30, 2017 with the Sprint Qualification and concludes on July 7 with the Relay. The week includes five medal races: Sprint, Sprint Relay, Long Distance, Middle Distance and the traditional Relay. So, good luck!!! 🙂

world orienteering championship

July will be a real heaven for people who like music and active lifestyle. (# itisboringtheysaid)

1. The annual Glasperlenspiel Music Festival, 06 – 11 July

It is a joint project of Eesti Kontsert and Estonian Record Productions since 1995 and is a leading musical event in the Estonian summer. It will start in 6 of July and continues till 11th. Plenty of Estonian popular singers and musicians have performed during the event (The European Union Baroque Orchestra, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, the Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus, Absolute Ensemble, Kremerata Baltica, Roy Goodman etc.)

The annual Glasperlenspiel Music Festival

2. Tartu Rally 2017, 14 – 15 July

Tartu Rally 2017 will take place from 14th to 15th of July. It is the best opportunity for car lovers to see a magic show and great competition. Especially for this events, car drivers for different countries will visit Tartu.

tartu rally

3. Punk & Rock festival, 14 – 16 July

Punk and rock festival will also take place in July, from 14 to 16. Famous Estonian rock bands will perform on the platforms. It is a good opportunity for students to go out with friends, drink some tea and listen to the calm music 🙂 isn’t it?

punk and rock festival


August will be awesome for movie lovers and film fans.

1. Tartu Love Film Festival “tARTuFF”, 07 – 12 August

It will start in 7th and finish in 13th. TARTuFF is the movie festival, where hundreds of people are watching movies outdoor in the city center. During these one week, city center looks like a big cinema with its environment.

tartu love film festival

2. Emajõgi River Festival, 18 – 19 August

The whole population of Tartu is outside and making outdoor camping, making barbecues, swimming in the river and rallying with boats. National dancing and music embellish the festival. You have to attend the event if you really want to get the real characteristics of Tartu.

emajõgi river festival

So, I think that the theory about Tartu boringness in summer is killed now. I am sure after reading this blog, students who have to stay in Tartu will change their minds that life is not such unfair and many others will start thinking about staying here for summer. 🙂

Who said that Tartu is boring in summer?!

Who said that Tartu is boring in summer?!

We are International Student Ambassadors of the University of Tartu. Through our experience, you can start planning your studies at the University of Tartu. We hope you enjoy our blog.